Sunday, 27 December 2009

Stuffing and Sales

Turkey - Check
Stuffing - Check
Roast potatoes - Check
Gravy - Check
Presents- Check
Champagne - Check
Mariah Carey's 'All I want for Xmas' - Check, Check
Sneezes - (unfortunately) Check
Movies x 6 - Check
Hours upon hours of TV viewing - Check
Lots of sleep - Check
Good times - CHECK!

The last few days have been a mixture of socialising, fun, food, friends, a nasty cold, lots of hot drinks and left over food!

Whether you have not stopped eating, seen a childhood pantomime, watched enough TV to last you until the end of 2010 or all three - I hope everyone has had a fab few days!

Now it's time to hit the treadmill, book that manicure and hunt the sale rails, as NYE is only four days away - woo!

Over the next few days, I will be pointing you in the right direction of all the best bargains to be found. I for one have already started with my sale searching and managed to pick up a pair of these gorgeous Emma Cook for Topshop wedges on Xmas eve in Selfridges. Reduced from £110 to £55 I couldn't believe my luck (however I had a voucher, so technically I paid nothing, even so, I would have been more than happy with £55). This is the first of many proud purchases I will be sharing with you.

Until tomorrow - love, love


Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Santa's Coming

I always like to bring to you the weird yet wonderful creations that the stores possess and when I stumbled across these fabulous shoes, I just knew they had to feature in my blog.

Gian Marco Lorenzi has created this sky-high stiletto that even the heel experts might have trouble walking in. The wooden heel measures at an incredible 16cm and the wood effect sole is an added 6.5cm. They are chic, trendy and a bit like marmite.

At a whopping £734 it might have to be a season of heels and buses - but as long as I can get a taxi to the bus stop, I'm not complaining!

All I want for Christmas is ... A pair of shoes!


Fabulous + Festive

Xmas is three days away and whether you celebrate or not - everyone deserves to buy themselves a little treat to wear over the festive period.

Sale or no sale - there are some fabulous frocks about and I have picked out my top three looks to go for...

Dress - £65 - Lipsy
Shoes - £105 - Carvela

Bag - £45 -

Dress - £248 - Issa
Shoes - £493 - YSL
Bag - £199 - Bottega Veneta

Dress 1,498 - Mathew Williamson
Shoes - £685 - YSL

Bag - £475 - DKNY

Whose feeling fabulous and festive?! Me, me, me!


Wonderful Winter

IT.IS.FREEZING! I don't know about you but I've been adding an extra layer to my outfit every single morning. I love the snow, not so keen on the ice and absolutely have to ensure that the colder it gets, the more fabulous I look!

So, I have been scouring the shops (as I do best) and have found the look we all need to go for in order to keep warm and keep cool (in the trendy sense) !

A little knitted treat ...
New Look - £3 Missoni - £88

Structured and chic... - £70 Bi Color - £42

Colourful and cute...
Peacocks - £10 Missoni - £355

Smart and sensible...
Pied A Terre - £195 Jill Sander - £580

Love for leather...
Oliver Bonas - £32
Dents - £59

Stay warm and stay fabulous!


Thursday, 17 December 2009

Shopping in the Snow

Last post for this week. The time is 23:30 and I have yet to pack my bag for the weekend, shower, wash my hair, use a face mask and do all the girly things that us girls do but don't necessarily like to talk about ;)

So - I will keep this blog short and sweet ...

Make the most of the sales at the moment and get purchasing, as it is the prefect excuse to be really organised for all the up and coming Birthdays you will have in the new year!

My top five stores to shop in for some style steals ...

Get shopping ladies - there is plenty out there to buy!

Have a fab weekend - keep warm and enjoy the snow.


SS meets OR

Fashion is fabulous and meeting the designers behind fashion is even more fabulous.

For a while now I have had my eyes peeled on Olivia Rubin's designs. Her bold prints, bright colours and edgy shapes are unique and chic, and personally, I just can't get enough. Each season she brings out new patterns and I hear myself saying 'I love that' to each and every piece.

Last week I managed to take a trip to the sample sale and meet the lovely lady in person. Big blue eyes and blonde hair, Olivia looks like the perfect picture. She was friendly and welcoming and we had an interesting chat about the fashion world, her inspirations and goals for the future.

Not wanting to take up too much of her time, I tried on a few items and decided to purchase the gorgeous dress below, as well as take some pics of all the others I wanted!

I have no doubt you too will fall for her eclectic designs, so take a peek at her site and shop with a guilt-free conscience as not only is Miss Rubin set to take over the fashion world but she is also offering 50% off - go go go!


Shoe and the City

I have some very exciting news - brace yourselves - not only is Sex and the City series 1-6 and Sex and the City the movie available to watch on DVD every single day (if we like) but now the Sex and the City ladies are available to buy in shoe form.

Yes that's right, Red Foot Revolution have created four pairs of shoes and named them after our fave girls - here is what I mean...

These are the perfect shoe for the working woman, sultry and chic.

- £39.99

Bring out the party girl in you and start dancing, these shoes are fun and flirty.

- £39.99

Park Avenue awaits, these sparkly slip-ons are sensible and sophisticated.

- £39.99

Make a fashion statement with these fabulous fabulous shoes!

- £39.99

The only question that remains is ... which character are you?!


Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Shop the Sales with Style

OK ladies (and gents) the sales have started and I for one can not wait to get my fashionable hands on some fabulous bargains. I know many of you find the sales daunting, true?! The clothes are everywhere, the shoppers are aggressive and the heat coming out of the changing room is unbearable, so...

Lucky for you - I have done all the hard work so all you need to do, is sit back, relax, click the mouse and shop away.

Let's get virtually purchasing ...

Alexander McQueen's neck candy
was £240 now £168

Cosy and trendy
was £30 now £22

Glitz and glamour
was £180 now £90

Bling bling in a ring
was £28 now £14

Sensible and sassy
was £150 now £99

The perfect party clutch
was £30 now £20

I am SO ready to go shopping - whose with me?!


Fashionistas '09

Hi all - hope everyone is having a good week so far. Temperatures have definitely dropped and each morning I seem to be adding another layer to my outfit - oh to only dream about the sunshine!

Thought I would warm up the day with some promised pictures of the most fashionable Xmas of 2009 ...

Last Wednesday night, all the Matches team got together and partied the night away, true fashion style.

Here is a sneak peak at what those fab fashionistas were wearing...

There was high-street mixed with high-end and every so often, a splash of vintage.

The night was fun, fabulous and uber fashionable!


Sunday, 13 December 2009

I'm A Barbie Girl

- what a weekend! Starting on Thursday with a trip to Olivia Rubin's sample sale followed by round two of the Matches' Xmas party. Then on to the Theatre Saturday night followed by more partying. Shopping on Sunday, X Factor (we will discuss more) and did I mention more partying?! I am exhausted - I need a weekend to recover from the weekend!

I guess this blog will make up for Friday's lack of but be sure to watch this space, as this week I will bring you the best of a hot new designer, some fabulous fashion photos and lots of purchasing gossip.

For now though - I will leave you with this wonderful collaboration ... Every girl's dream toy, a Louboutin Barbie. My eyes were in awe as a friend of a friend showed me what she had purchased - a limited edition Barbie doll, who owns a collection of four red-soled Louboutin shoes (that's four more pairs than I own). Each pair come with their own shoe box and bag and makes the perfect present for any fashion lover.


Is it wrong that I am jealous of a 30cm plastic doll?

Oh - to - be - a - Barbie.

Happy Monday all


Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Stylishly Sleepy

What a busy week so far! Work, styling, styling and work - I love what I do and rarely ever complain but I cant help but wish that I could just have a few extra hours of beauty sleep a night. Even so, whether I get my full eight hours or not - I like to ensure I look all fresh and pretty when heading to bed.

Ladies take note - it's time to prep and pamper for the land of nod...

£25 - Dorothy Perkins

£35 - John Lewis

£25 - GAP

£12 -

£4.30 - Sephora

£7.37 -

£58 - Jo Malone

£45 - Lancome

My eyes are closing as I type - night night all - fashion dreaming.