Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Wish List Wednesday

In my mind the week pans out as such ...

Monday + Tuesday = beginning of the working week (uch)
Thursday + Friday = beginning of the weekend (yay)

Therefore Wednesday deserves a title all on it's own and I have taken it upon myself to rename it:

Wish List Wednesday

as it doesn't quite signify either end of the week.

Let's be honest, Mondays and Tuesdays are spent catching up with emails, projects and clients ... Thursdays and Fridays are spent planning the events for the weekend ... So Wednesdays must now be a time when we make a list of all the precious purchases we wish to make and order by the time the weekend arrives!

Never one to hold back ... Here's my 'Wish List' for the week:

Hunter's gloss wellies - A necessity to every wardrobe. They are timeless, they keep you dry and are always so trendy. Team with a mini denim skirt and slouchy knit cardi.

Mulberry's Bayswater - it's croc, it's suede, it's emerald and it's oh-so gorgeous!

ASOS' sweat dress- it's reversible, it's versatile and it's adorable - Je T'aime!

Diane Von Furstenberg's sequin jacket - ticks all those trend boxes; sparkly, fitted, puff sleeves and designer *dreamy* oh and not forgetting, on sale from £525 to £258 (at

Now your turn ... What's on your wish list?!

Happy Purchasing


Monday, 28 September 2009

Another Day, Another Car-Boot Sale ...

You never have to look too far for a great bargain ...

Sales on the high-street, vintage boutiques, Portobello market, trendy charity shops and car-boot sales, to name but a few.

As my alarm went off at 4.30 in the AM, all I could think about was hitting the dismiss button and falling back to sleep for another 5 hours ... alas ... I dragged myself out of bed, pulled on that reliable A+F hoody that always keeps me warm, grabbed my RayBan's in the hope the sun might make an appearance (woke up my oh-so wonderful bf who had offered his services) and loaded up the car.

It always amazes me the kind of people I meet when doing this sort of event ... There are those that won't pay a penny more than a £1, those that only want designer goodies, those that are uber trendy and come along to seek out some stylish clobber and those that know exactly what they are looking for in terms of arts and crafts.

Being a girl that loves to shop - I have to frequently clear out my wardrobe in order to make some space for the latest purchases. Therefore, car-boot sales are a regular occurrence. The extra money helps my shoe addiction and my wardrobe is grateful for the breathing space!

What's the latest bargain I've purchased? A gorgeous embellished sequin top from Beyond Retro - just £15!

I want to know where you seek out a good bargain ...

Care to share ... What's the best purchase you have made recently that doesn't involve a dent in the credit-card?!

Have a super trendy day ...


Friday, 25 September 2009

Whose Got That Friday Feeling ... ?

For me Friday symbolises:

The end of the working week
The start of the weekend
Hair washing
and reflecting ...

As I ate my granola cereal in Pret this morning, observing all the people walking by, it got me thinking ... How do we decide what to wear in the morning? How much impact does the weather have on our choice of outfit? Does our mood play a big role? Or perhaps our weight and state of mind?

Being a personal stylist, I put a lot of emphasis on appearances, as we all know first impressions are vital. It is so easy to reach for that 'reliable' black dress in the morning or those comfy jeans and sweater over a weekend (because we are SO not going to bump in to anyone on our errands, right?!)

My moto - always dress to impress! It makes you physically feel good, it makes you mentally feel good, it prepares you for the day ahead and after all ... you never know who and what might be waiting around the corner!

Here's a sneak preview of some outfits I've been rocking recently ...

Have a fab weekend


(FYI, healthy eating has gone well this week, minus a few minstrels the other night - but that's by the by!)

Thursday, 24 September 2009

The Big Apple Life ...

'Start spreading the news ...’

Back from my travels and I couldn't have timed it better ... I enjoyed the buzz leading up to New York Fashion Week and I'm enjoying the buzz of London Fashion Week now ... Leaving those flashing lights behind was not so hard after all!

In honour of NYFW, the shops stayed open until 11.00 PM. The drinks were flowing, the celebrities were strutting and everyone wanted to shop shop shop! My friends and I decided to party away in Diane Von Furstenberg, with a glass of champers I might add (ooh I say!)

Did I buy loads? Define loads! Unlike most, I didn’t leave for NY with a half empty suitcase. As I’m sure many of you fashionistas out there can appreciate, previous to my holiday I went out shopping for new outfits to wear whilst shopping for more outfits whilst away (woops!)

Even so, I still managed to fill a whole new case ... But all in all, my shopping habits don't change whilst I am abroad. You know the saying ... Make everyday a holiday!



Wednesday, 23 September 2009

My Designer Lust-Have ...

'Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink'
(William Copper)

Yet again, another pair of fabulous killer heels hit the runway and I'm left salivating over the trail they leave behind.

YSL have created the ultimate shoe boot. They are suede, black, mega-high and will go with almost every outfit.

These booties are the perfect dressing up accessory ... But at the heavy price of (around) £545 - be ready to run for the bus ladies!

Same time tomorrow


Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Sweet Dreams or A Beautiful Nightmare ...

I had the most vivid dream last night ... Me, Jay Z and Miss B were all hanging out in the latest hot spot, drinking champagne and swapping style tips! Woke up this morning honestly expecting to have my new BFF's number in my contact list - no such luck ...

Even so, can't help but admire the talent, etiquette and pure class of both artists.

Keeping in theme with my fave Sascha Fierce, I thought I'd pick out my latest high-street must have ... this 'fierce' leather j by ASOS. Ticks all the right trend boxes; leather, black, studs and oh-so-cool!

I plan on teaming mine with a sequin mini, longline motif white tee and ankle boots (all courtesy of ASOS).

Until tomorrow ...

Sweet Dreams


Monday, 21 September 2009

Monday Monday ...

I promised myself that this week was the week! The week for ...

Healthy Eating

and general ticking, with regards to my to-do-list!

So, I began my day with some cereal, snacked on some fruit, had a chicken salad, snacked on some more fruit and finished with salmon and vegetables (with lots of lemon water in between).

I created this blog and ticked five out of fourteen points on my list - go me!

I took a quick time out,jumped in the car and head towards Primark. Being a lover of all things sparkly, I picked out this gorgeous dress. I plan on toughening up the look with a leather j, black opaques and sky-high heels.

My Monday morning treat ... (it's allowed!)

So fashionistas ... What will you be purchasing this week?!

Until tomorrow


The First Of Many ...

For some, Monday mornings bring a yawn, an inbox filled with unopened emails and a five day count-down until the weekend begins again ... For me, it brings a new start!

Welcome to my blog post - a place where all things fun and fabulous will happen. A chance to share my passion for fashion, my love for styling and my addiction to shoes.

This blog will bring to you the best of the high-street, the latest designer must-haves, interesting interviews and fabulous pictures.

Monday mornings will never be the same again!