Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Fashionable Farmers

Once again the Choo is all over the high-street and let me tell you -
I just can't get enough!

This time it is for the all famous Hunter boots.

The Hunter boot has been the stalwart welly for farmers and country types for many years due to it's comfort, ease of putting on and pulling off and hard wear and now it has become the fashion welly world-wide. (Wikipedia)

Let's face it - Winter has officially arrived. The leaves are falling, the umbrellas are up and the layers are multiplying and what better way to enjoy those huge muddy puddles than with the perfect pair of Jimmy Choo for Hunter Wellington Boots.

These boots are a walking master piece and can be all yours on Friday with a click of a button (click on the link below) ...

Rainy days will never be the same again!