Monday, 5 October 2009

Mi Casa Es Su Casa

Given the opportunity, I can't help but have a little nosey in others' wardrobes. Not just because I want to see what fabulous purchases they have made recently ... but also because it gives me a little more insight in to who and what that person is about.

For example, there are those that like to hang everything up, then there are those who fish their way through the piles of clothes on the floor (you know who you are). There are those that have the labels on half their items and there are those that can't remember half the items they purchase. Whichever category you fall under ... There is one 'thing' you will all have in common and that 'thing' is that I will most definitely absolutely want to give your wardrobe the ultimate makeover!

Hi, my name's Sara and not only am I a shop-a-holic, but I am a tidy-a-holic too.

Be it my wardrobe, the fridge, others wardrobes or the stationery cupboard ... I like to tidy, further to that, I like to colour co-ordinate whilst tidying. So, I thought I would give you a little insight in to the wonderful world of my wardrobe ...

I keep my clothes in two places, one at my parent's house and one at my flat (both still look like I live there permanently!)

Part 1 of wardrobe space is the picture below ... Here's a little peek of my two fave dresses and the beginning of my shoe collection ...

Part 2 of wardrobe space is pictured below along with more of my shoe collection and a couple of ASOS goodies ...

Part 3 of wardrobe space is dedicated to my obsession with perfumes and not forgetting to mention my immaculate dressing table and accessories galore!

Care to share whats lurking in your wardrobe?!

Mi Casa Es Su Casa


What Gives You The X Factor?

When Kylie Minogue said on the X Factor last night 'you never get a second chance to make a first impression' although it's not the first time I have heard this expression, this time round it got me thinking ...

Day in day out we meet new faces, some bring us opportunities, others bring us new friendships. Some can open the door, others can close it ... One way or another, the end result had to start somewhere and mostly that 'somewhere' starts with our appearance.

It is statistically proven that first impressions are based on the following:

10% is based on what you say
40% is based on how you conduct yourself
50% is based on what you are wearing

These figures may vary but they give you a vague idea of how first impressions are made.

As X Factor takes over our lives (or is that just me?!) year after year it still amazes me how they whittle the 12 finalists down from hundreds of thousands. Surely ones appearance has a major influence on this decision and who can be blamed for that? These days I don't think one needs a particularly outstanding voice as it has become more about the 'look.'

One of the variety of services I provide is a Personal Shopping experience. Be it for work or pleasure, many need a little helping hand when it comes to deciding what to wear. I am constantly telling my clients that in order to feel good, they need to look good and consequently, they are amazed at the new found confidence this brings.

Never underestimate the power of ones appearance ... It will get you noticed, allow you that first step in the door and ultimately, give you the X Factor!

Keep warm and stylish