Sunday, 11 October 2009

Under My Umbrella

Monday Monday ... Doo, doo, doo du doo doo ...

The weekend has been and gone and Monday morning has made yet another appearance. Normally I'd let out a huge *sigh* - but not today, reason: I am taking two clients shopping, which also means I get to spend the whole day in town! Woo.

With a few hours to spare in between each consult, I shall be browsing the shops, picking out the latest must-haves, as well as getting the low-down (or fashion-down) on what all the trendy Londoners are strutting down Oxford Street in.

Rain, sun, sun, rain - the weather is about as indecisive as I am when choosing what to wear on a 'fat day' ... Therefore must one always be prepared and I have decided that this takes the form of the following:

Layers - best to dress in layers; vests, long sleeve tees, cardis and jackets.

Umbrella -
when October arrives, this becomes a necessity to every hand-bag.

Water -
always carry a bottle; it cools you down, it keeps you hydrated and it gives your skin a glow even on those rainy days

SPF Cream -
having worked part-time in a cosmetic surgery company, I was told by several members of staff that regardless of the weather, one must always (and I mean 365 days of the year always) wear SPF on their face - Who knew?!

Hat - ensure it's trendy, versatile and always kept in your bag - will keep those locks in tact and adds a bit of glam to your outfit.

Hope the sun shines for all, the day goes well for you and the shops are booming with fabulous purchases for me!

Same time tomorrow