Friday, 6 November 2009


I love my job ...

Not just because I get to live and breathe fashion, but because I get to make those around me feel fabulous on a day to day basis.

Be it the high-street or online - I am here to serve, style and give fashion tips 24/7.

Contrary to what the media may portray, we are not all models and I firmly believe that looking great and feeling fabulous is not limited to age, shape, size, culture or wealth but is in fact easily achievable and affordable for everyone.

There are four main services I offer:

Colour Profiling - discovers your optimal colours, allowing you to create a younger, slimmer and more radiant look.

Style Profiling - uncovers the art of illusion dressing to help create an individual style making you feel more attractive and self assured.

Wardrobe Restyle - not only creates an organised wardrobe but also one which is full of clothes you will want to wear.

Personal Shopping - takes the anxiety and chore out of shopping and prevents you wasting time and money on the wrong purchases.

The beauty about my job is that I am not affiliated with any stores, therefore allowing me the freedom to find the best buys from the high-street to high-fashion. There is no typical day in the world of Personal Styling and it this diversity which keeps me excited for the next challenge.

I truly believe that looking fabulous and feeling fabulous go hand in hand there is absolutely no reason why we can't all feel fabulous every single day.

Thank Fashion it's Friday!