Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Here Comes The Boys ...

It's about time the boys got a mention - don't you think?!

Be it your father, your bf, the guy you want to be your bf or simply a friend - I have compiled a list of ten pressies that will guarantee to get you best daughter/ gf/ friend award (or at least an even more fabulous present back!)

So I heard it through the grapevine that the new 'it' accessory for men, are socks. Lucky for us there are a huge collection of colour block Ralph Lauren socks to choose from.
(£10/12 - Ralph Lauren -

It's cosy, it's trendy and it will be perfect for the winter months ahead. You can't go wrong with this Red Herring jumper.
(£35 - Red Herring - Debenhams)

Victoria Beckham once said 'the only place she buys her gloves are at Dents' and I couldn't agree more. He will be one happy chappy with this fab pair.
(£52 - Dents - House Of Fraser)

I love Paul Smith designs; they are quirky and classic all at the same time. This colourful scarf will brighten up the dullest of days.
(£60 - Paul Smith -

You can't go wrong with a music voucher; you give, he buys and everyone is happy.
(Depends how much you want to spend!)

Hermes is one of my favourite designers, not just because I dream about a Birkin bag every single day but because their prints are iconic. The men's ties come in an array of colours and designs, there will be one to suit any style.
(£95+ - Hermes - Liberty)

Ladies, our hearts may skip a beat every time we get given that little green box, but let me tell you, the guys love it too! These Tiffany cuff links turn an every day item in to a piece of wearable art.
(£165 - Tiffany)

Once again Paul Smith wins with his signature forest print. In my opinion, he is the king of wash bags.
(£80 - Paul Smith -

A consistently popular present is this oak natural leather wallet by Mulberry; classic and practical.
(£130 - Mulberry)

This modern style money clip makes a great gift. You could even get it engraved for a more intimate feel.
(£29 - Ernest Jones)

So, there you have it - ten perfect pressies that ensure everyone is happy. Now all you have to do ladies, is start compiling your gift list!

Have a fab day