Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Bex Rox

One of the many perks of working at Matches is the fact that I get to meet some of the fabulous people behind the brands we sell. Last Friday, Bex Manners graced us with her presence and gave us a little insight in to her designs.

Bex grew up in the Balearic Islands, which ultimately formed the foundation of her distinctive jewellery designs. Having travelled round the world, she has experienced many different types of cultures. She now puts that extensive knowledge and creativity in to her designs and produces some of the most interesting, chic and vintage inspired jewellery I have ever seen.

Featured in magazines such as Grazia and Harpers, Bex Rox is most certainly a designer to look out for. Her bespoke collection is glamorous and interesting and can be worn for work, rest or play. Celebs such as Sarah Harding and Cheryl Cole have all worn a piece and it is certainly time we get our fashion hands on one too.

Lucky for us - I managed to pin Bex down for a quick 60 second interview ...

When did Bex Rox launch?

In 2006

What inspires your designs?
The art deco era and travel.

Describe your designs in three words.
Playful, timeless and decadent.

Whose designs do you admire?
Jean Despres.

Where do you see your business in five years?
That would be telling!

Ladies - it's time to get those wish Lists at the ready, Bex Rox certainly rocks!


For more info: www.bexrox.com