Friday, 16 October 2009

'What happened to ageing gracefully? It got old!' (SATC)

As you may or may not know, I am an ever-so-slightly Sex and the City fan. I like to refer to the programme as my personal 'bible' in which I believe every woman (and some men) should live by. It teaches you about all sorts, but most of all it gives you an appreciation for friendship and fashion - two vital aspects in life.

As I watched the four girls the other night (as Miss Bradshaw would say) 'I got to thinking...' at what age does fashion become more about what 'suits' you and less about what's on the catwalk?

Let me explain ... Samantha and Carrie, women in their late thirties to early-forties, both with fabulous figures that more or less allows them to wear whatever, whenever, are often in outfits that are a whole-lot-of nothing, but to me they look fabulous, because they have the bodies (and the confidence) to pull it off.

As I tried so desperately the other night to persuade my mother to get rid of some of her 'less-fashionable' shoes, she pointed out that at her age, it becomes less about fashion and more about 'comfort' - surprisingly I disagreed. Don't get me wrong, there are some woman that I could never picture totting around in the likes of 5.5 inch heels (my mother being one) but on the other hand, there are some that do and look good!

Does age define what you wear or is it purely your state of mind, your figure and how you feel about what suits you? Someone once told me that 'once you are over forty you have to spend twice as much to look half as good,' I found this an interesting concept. Why is that? Does that rule out ever shopping in Primark again? (shock horror) Or does it mean you have to choose your clothes more wisely?

As Samantha says 'Who cares what you are, just enjoy it!'

I like to think that when I reach forty+ I will still be as fashionable (if not more fashionable) than I am now.

With age comes wisdom, with wisdom comes understanding, with understanding comes fashion and with fashion comes a whole lot of fabulous outfits!

Have a fabulous Friday all