Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Champagne Lifestyle - Lemonade Budget!

I'm thinking it's time for a little taster of Designer vs High-Street. The pay cheques have arrived and I can feel everyone's hunger for a serious shopping spree (or is that just me?!)

For all those that enjoy splashing out on one, two or perhaps even ten designer pieces, keep reading and for all those that prefer to hit the high-street with full impact, well, keep reading too!

I have picked some key pieces for this season - prepare yourself ladies, here is the best of both designer and high-street combined.

These timeless strap sandals are mega-high and mega-perfect.

(£45 - Oli.co.uk) (£539 - Fendi)

Add a splash of colour to any outfit with these fabulous bags.

(£25 - Next) (£257 - Angel Jackson)

Add that edge to your outfit with this bespoke embellished jacket.

(£90 - ASOS.com) (£331 - Vintage - chickdowntown.com)

Make a statement with these fabulous cuffs.

(£14 - ASOS.com) (£264 - Marie Seguy - farfetch.com)

Add some sparkle to your wardrobe with the must-have dress for this season.

(£85 - Topshop) (£794.99 - Sass & Bide - net-a-porter.com)

I couldn't resist these gorgeous quirky rings, they give some real party-girl glamour.

(£15 - ASOS.com) (£918 - Solange Azagury - obsessed.instyle.com)

So there you have it, once again my must-haves and my lust-haves!

When buying particular high-street items like those shown above, I think it's vital that they are purchased because they look as if they 'could' be designer, not because they are a straight copy - comprende?!

However you shop and wherever you bop - be sure to keep it stylish!

Kisses to all


'A woman's mind is as complex as the contents of her handbag...' (Billy Connelly)

Today I'm in the mood to shop (no change there) ...

OK, let's be honest, it is unusual that a day goes by that I am not in the mood to shop - but even so, today the urge is slightly stronger, so what better way to overcome that (or perhaps give in at some point) than to write about what I am in the mood for - BAGS!

Like shoes, I believe one can never have enough. Regardless of the outfit, the mood, the weather, the food one has consumed the night before - bags will always fit, look good and make one smile! Agreed?

So, as to not prolong this introduction any further - let me commence ...

Welcome to the wonderful world of handbags! From the hundreds (make that thousands) of bags I want and need to posses - I have whittled it down to my top five (for today, that is) :

1. Loving this tapestry duffle bag, very boho-chic don't you think?! (£22 - ASOS.com)

2. I could not believe my eyes when I stumbled across this red suedette tassle clutch. A real statement for a real reasonable price. (£20 - Dorothy Perkins)

There is nothing like a classic bag and to add to that, there is nothing like a classic designer bag *mmm* (£1,707 - Mulberry)

This chic retro purse is one for the collection. For a casual party or a formal soiree - this has a real 80's feel and will work well with either look. (£18 - modcloth.com)

Carry this investment piece to accent every look with a touch of luxe - it's Chanel - enough said. (£880 - Chanel)

Oh how the list could go on!

Arm candies - every girl needs one (or ten).