Friday, 30 October 2009

A Little Treat (or Trick)

Tonight Mathew I am going to be ... Ginger Spice, no wait, Ugly Betty, nope hang on a minute ... Scooby doo?!

I think the fact that the official date for Halloween is not until Saturday night and yet my firends and I have managed to attend two fancy-dress parties already, deserves a wee little mention, no?!

Wednesday night a crowd of us gathered for pre-party drinks. I mingled with the likes of Tweetie Bird, Robin and The Little Mermaid (felt like Hollywood!) Shortly after, we rocked out to Cuckoo, which is known for putting on the best Halloween party of the year. Living up to their reputation, the whole club was decorated with fab decor; pumpkins, cobwebs, spiders, you name it, they had it. We partied the night away and a few cranberry vodkas later, I took my geeky self home - fab fab night!

Thursday night a different crowd gathered for pre-party drinks but this time I mingled with the likes of Posh, Baby and Scary. That's right, together we were The Spice Girls (minus sporty!) Having not quite mastered our costumes, we renamed ourselves The Spice Girls - Bo Selecta Style. After many giggles and wig re-arranging, we headed to Strawberry Moon where a private party was taking place. We danced, we zig-a-zig-a'd and as the early hours drew close and we all realised we had to be up for work the next day, we took our tired feet home - once again, a very fab and fun night!

All in all it has been a fab few days and I am looking forward to the celebrations on Saturday Night - where the real partying starts!

Happy Halloween All