Thursday, 17 December 2009

SS meets OR

Fashion is fabulous and meeting the designers behind fashion is even more fabulous.

For a while now I have had my eyes peeled on Olivia Rubin's designs. Her bold prints, bright colours and edgy shapes are unique and chic, and personally, I just can't get enough. Each season she brings out new patterns and I hear myself saying 'I love that' to each and every piece.

Last week I managed to take a trip to the sample sale and meet the lovely lady in person. Big blue eyes and blonde hair, Olivia looks like the perfect picture. She was friendly and welcoming and we had an interesting chat about the fashion world, her inspirations and goals for the future.

Not wanting to take up too much of her time, I tried on a few items and decided to purchase the gorgeous dress below, as well as take some pics of all the others I wanted!

I have no doubt you too will fall for her eclectic designs, so take a peek at her site and shop with a guilt-free conscience as not only is Miss Rubin set to take over the fashion world but she is also offering 50% off - go go go!


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