Thursday, 1 October 2009

Designer Diva or High-Street Hottie?

Hands up those of you who have ever been guilty of buying something simply because of the label attached?

Thought so! FYI - I am certainly guilty of it too *blush*

Although I definitely fall under the category of being your high-street kinda gal, at the same time, if I'm going to spend money (and I mean real money) then I want to know what I am buying has a justifiable label attached.

However, a concept I fail to understand though is why people choose a designer label when the high-street version is better? Obviously this comes down to a matter of taste but I for one can't quite fathom someone paying ridiculous money when you can buy a much better version for less.

Take these L'Autre Chose leopard print ankle boots ... They are cool, not necessarily my taste, but at £340 I wouldn't be handing over the cc in a hurry. Whereas these ASOS leopard print booties (or should I say beauties) are a lot more trendy and an absolute steel at £45.

The same goes for this L'Wren Scott dress. It's chic, it's classic and it's also £1,775 ... Jeager are selling something similar for less than a quarter of the price at £350 (although now it has been reduced to £99 - score!)

Designer clothes, shoes and accessories are in a class of their own. They last longer, they fit better and when worn make you feel like a million dollars, so I can completely understand why people would choose to spend more. But what I want to know is... Do they spend that money JUST because it's designer or because they actually like the item?!

Something to ponder over during the weekend ...

Have a good one


P.s. Here are some fashion highlights from Thursday night ... See if you can spot who the Designer Divas are or the High-Street Hotties!

Would You Wear The Same Outfit Twice?!

Can you wear the same outfit twice?

It's shock horror everywhere when a celeb is spotted 'recycling' an outfit - true? I guess in the wonderful world of fashion, parties and glitteratis, one must not only been seen in a different outfit each time they step out the door but also the latest one to hit the catwalk - I'm exhausted just thinking about it!

Although ... saying that ... I for one have this whole 'thing' (and I use the word 'thing' because I'm not quite sure what to call it) but I have this 'thing' that on a night out I don't like to be seen in something I've worn before - empathise or criticise?!

Being a social butterfly (so I like to think), this can often mean purchasing a new outfit each time I head out - hmmm ...

So what are the rules? Well, here are the ones I try to live by ...

1. Stick with one key piece and team with several different items to create different looks.

2. Mix and match day clothes with night clothes so you get a variety of options.

3. Swap, lend or give (in the hope you will get back) clothes with friends, you will be surprised how different certain items look on one person to the next.

4. Invest in an handful of expensive items, but stick to high-street for the rest, therefore allowing your budget to stretch further.

This is a case of - DO try this at home!

If the rich and famous amongst us can do it ... So can we. All you need is a splash of imagination, a sprinkle of creativity and lots and lots of different friends! ;)

Have a stylish Thursday