Monday, 1 February 2010

60 Miles (plus a bit more) Makeover

It's not often that you find a friend that travels a few hundred miles to complete a few hundred hours of a mass wardrobe clear out - luckily for my friend, that friend is me!

On a cold Saturday afternoon, having spent the first part of the day wrapped in a duvet on the couch watching Glee, the sleeves were finally rolled back and 'Mission Wardrobe Clear out' begun. Starting with clothes, moving on to bags, shoes, accessories and personal possession, a mission not-so-impossible took place. Six hours, 8 bin bags and a categorised closet later - there was certainly a very huge light at the end of a very fashionable tunnel.

I'm sure there should be some sort of expression somewhere that defines a friendship by the amount of hours one spends in their friends closet!

A true friend deserved a true service and I can confidently say, I left her as one very happy customer (who happened to also be a best friend!)

So - are you feeling the urge, need or even desperation to have a mini/mass clear out - luckily for you I have
mastered the art in wardrobe weeding and have had many clients/friends thank me for a closet they now look forward to opening. I therefore feel the need to share my knowledge with you and have written a 1 to 10 step guide on how to say goodbye to those unwanted purchases and hello to the new ones.

Pen and paper at the ready... it's time for a good clear out!

1. Create three piles – one for the charity shop, one for eBay/car boot sale and one for those friends you think will appreciate your unwanted item.

2. Be methodical – start with clothes, move on to shoes, then accessories.

3. Make a list of those things you need or need to replace.

4. Starting with trousers, try on each pair, if they fit and are still in good condition, keep, if the button won't do up or they look like they have had better days, throw.

5. Move on to tops, if they have not been worn in the last year, there will be no other reason other than you simply don't need them.

6. The same rule applies for skirts and dresses, if they are not already walking themselves to the charity shop pile, then try them on and assess whether or not they are a keeper.

7. The smarter clothes should be evaluated more carefully. One is always allowed a few must-have items, which are those particular pieces that you just can't walk away from. No cheating though... if they are not heirloom, vintage or unique from a Paris boutique, then they go!

8. Colour co-ordinate your wardrobe, starting with trousers, through to skirts, dresses, cardigans and tops. Hang as many items up as you can, as this way it is easier to see what you have and will save you from accidentally buying something twice

9. Either hang your accessories with certain outfits, or place them on a hanger on their own. When they are more visible, you are more likely to wear them

10. Once your wardrobe is looking less like a jumble sale and more like United Colours of Benetton – you are free go shopping for more!


New Month - New Bag

Feels like I have been away for years... I'm back and what better way to start the week off than with incy wincy 'Wish List' !

Never one to say no to a bargain...

Brian Atwood booties - from £715 to £388

Adding a splash of colour...

Alexander McQueen scarf - from £185 to £112

It's time I'm able to tell the time...

Casio watch - from £42.50 to £34

Comfortable yet uber trendy...

Dorothy Perkins £25

I'm in the mood to spoil myself...

MIU MIU - £840

Pay day has just arrived and so has an excuse to splurge ... after all, new Month, new purchases!

Have a fabulous day all