Thursday, 7 January 2010

Snow Show

One of my tweets the other day read as follows... 'This snow is so 2009' I have a little confession - it is SO not! Am I the only 25 year old in North West London that still gets so excited at seeing the world covered in white?! OK, so it's a slight nuisance; public transport gets cancelled, one can't drive anywhere, the pavements are icy and on a whole, the snow seems to cause quite a bit of chaos - however, going back to basics i.e. sturdy boots, lots of layers, warm coat, gloves, hat and scarf - I reckon there would a lot more happy snow-loving people!

The following day, I sent a tweet saying, 'Velvet-esque bodycon dress and fur coat - time to show the snow whose boss!' Ladies, take note - it may be cold but the glamour must always stay hot.

Layers are key, that way when you get to your destination, you can peel back the bulk and be left with a very chic outfit.

Don't let the snow defeat you, wrap up warm and stay fabulous!