Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Lights, Camera, Fashion ...

the Outnet.com

If someone asked me how I like to spend my days, the first word that would spring to mind is 'gardening' ... ermmmm ... just kidding, shopping was actually the preferred term I was looking for!

I love being out and about on the high-street, browsing the shops, soaking up the atmosphere, observing what your average trendy Londoner is wearing and most of all, purchasing the latest must-have item.

Having spent a year working for ASOS Life, I began to experience a different way of shopping ... online shopping. The browsing was still involved, the atmosphere was most certainly there, the trendy employees were the trendiest I've ever seen and the purchasing ... well, that goes without saying!

Previous to working at ASOS, I found buying online to be a huge commitment, as there has to be that element of trust and hope that the item you purchase will be suitable and you won't have to spend time (and often money) sending it back.

Having said that - I now make the majority of my purchases online and needless to say, I am one happy ecommerce user!

However, constantly browsing online, consequently leads to buying more online ... So, I have decided, in order to make myself feel less guilty about all the shopping I do, I have picked out my top five online shopping sites in the hope that you can enjoy (and buy from) them too ...

ASOS.com - call me biased, but it brings you the best of the high-street, up to the minute fashion, fabulous sales and hot models (woops, did I just say that last one out loud?!)

The Outnet - a fantastic concept that should have hit our screens years ago! They sell Louboutins at 60% off - enough said.

Matches.com - not only do they provide the latest designer must-haves, but Ruth's daily blogs are a must-read. Be it LFW, PFW or general every week fashion week, the pictures and blogs tell you all you need, in order to be in the know.

Net-A-Porter - a lust-have and must-have all rolled in to one. I think my wish list doubles in size each time I look on their site. Fave item at the mo ... Kenneth Jay Lane's topaz ball necklace ... mmmm ... how many days until my birthday?!

Last but by no means least ...

5. eBay - although most of the time I use the site for selling (which I am greatly appreciative for) every so often, an item will catch my eye that I have to have. I bid, I wait and then I hopefully purchase ... Good times.

Get brows/buy - ing!