Thursday, 24 September 2009

The Big Apple Life ...

'Start spreading the news ...’

Back from my travels and I couldn't have timed it better ... I enjoyed the buzz leading up to New York Fashion Week and I'm enjoying the buzz of London Fashion Week now ... Leaving those flashing lights behind was not so hard after all!

In honour of NYFW, the shops stayed open until 11.00 PM. The drinks were flowing, the celebrities were strutting and everyone wanted to shop shop shop! My friends and I decided to party away in Diane Von Furstenberg, with a glass of champers I might add (ooh I say!)

Did I buy loads? Define loads! Unlike most, I didn’t leave for NY with a half empty suitcase. As I’m sure many of you fashionistas out there can appreciate, previous to my holiday I went out shopping for new outfits to wear whilst shopping for more outfits whilst away (woops!)

Even so, I still managed to fill a whole new case ... But all in all, my shopping habits don't change whilst I am abroad. You know the saying ... Make everyday a holiday!