Friday, 25 September 2009

Whose Got That Friday Feeling ... ?

For me Friday symbolises:

The end of the working week
The start of the weekend
Hair washing
and reflecting ...

As I ate my granola cereal in Pret this morning, observing all the people walking by, it got me thinking ... How do we decide what to wear in the morning? How much impact does the weather have on our choice of outfit? Does our mood play a big role? Or perhaps our weight and state of mind?

Being a personal stylist, I put a lot of emphasis on appearances, as we all know first impressions are vital. It is so easy to reach for that 'reliable' black dress in the morning or those comfy jeans and sweater over a weekend (because we are SO not going to bump in to anyone on our errands, right?!)

My moto - always dress to impress! It makes you physically feel good, it makes you mentally feel good, it prepares you for the day ahead and after all ... you never know who and what might be waiting around the corner!

Here's a sneak preview of some outfits I've been rocking recently ...

Have a fab weekend


(FYI, healthy eating has gone well this week, minus a few minstrels the other night - but that's by the by!)