Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Santa's Coming

I always like to bring to you the weird yet wonderful creations that the stores possess and when I stumbled across these fabulous shoes, I just knew they had to feature in my blog.

Gian Marco Lorenzi has created this sky-high stiletto that even the heel experts might have trouble walking in. The wooden heel measures at an incredible 16cm and the wood effect sole is an added 6.5cm. They are chic, trendy and a bit like marmite.

At a whopping £734 it might have to be a season of heels and buses - but as long as I can get a taxi to the bus stop, I'm not complaining!

All I want for Christmas is ... A pair of shoes!


Fabulous + Festive

Xmas is three days away and whether you celebrate or not - everyone deserves to buy themselves a little treat to wear over the festive period.

Sale or no sale - there are some fabulous frocks about and I have picked out my top three looks to go for...

Dress - £65 - Lipsy
Shoes - £105 - Carvela

Bag - £45 - ASOS.com

Dress - £248 - Issa
Shoes - £493 - YSL
Bag - £199 - Bottega Veneta

Dress 1,498 - Mathew Williamson
Shoes - £685 - YSL

Bag - £475 - DKNY

Whose feeling fabulous and festive?! Me, me, me!


Wonderful Winter

IT.IS.FREEZING! I don't know about you but I've been adding an extra layer to my outfit every single morning. I love the snow, not so keen on the ice and absolutely have to ensure that the colder it gets, the more fabulous I look!

So, I have been scouring the shops (as I do best) and have found the look we all need to go for in order to keep warm and keep cool (in the trendy sense) !

A little knitted treat ...
New Look - £3 Missoni - £88

Structured and chic...
ASOS.com - £70 Bi Color - £42

Colourful and cute...
Peacocks - £10 Missoni - £355

Smart and sensible...
Pied A Terre - £195 Jill Sander - £580

Love for leather...
Oliver Bonas - £32
Dents - £59

Stay warm and stay fabulous!