Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Stars In Their Stores

Hi peeps, apologies for the lack of blogs recently - as you may or may not know I have been working a full week at Matches over the past month and what with late night personal shopping, socialising and sleeping - I have been a little neglectful of la blog. However, time to change that and get back on track... So for an added treat (you heard it here first) I have got some major goss for you all...

Over the past couple of weeks we have had a few celebs in store. I've checked them out and kept my eyes peeled on what they had been browsing and ultimately buying.

First up - Sharlene Spiteri (for those of you that don't know - she is the lead singer of Texas). She took to the shop floor hand in hand with her very adorable little girl, who was sporting an ever-so-trendy woolly hat, shaped like a panda(see pic above). Sharlene looked cool yet casual in some tight jeans, winter boots and jacket. She had a little browse of our new spring/summer collection, paying particular attention to Heidi Klein's swimwear and Stella McCartney's beach bags.

Next to take to the Matches store was no other than Miss Whinehouse herself (that's Amy for those that were wondering). Amongst many of her purchases were a pair of McQueen embellished rhinestone peep-toes, a Preen dress and a Sophia Koksalakia leather jacket.

We also had a quick visit from Emma Thompson (one of my most memorable scenes from a movie is when she cries in Love Actually - gets me each time!) She scanned the new seasons collection and picked up a couple of fab bold printed DVF dresses.

Last, but no means least (ladies - brace yourselves) was no other than Clive Owen. Having had a walk round the men's wear, sampling some Lanvin suits and Form cashmere jumpers, Mr Owen left the store with a trail of screaming girls behind him (well, we actually waited until he had stepped out the door to scream!)

So - all in all it has been a star studded couple of weeks and I for one cannot get enough. What with Celebrity Big Brother starting and working at Matches - I think I might just be a wee bit star struck! HA.

Same time tomorrow