Sunday, 13 December 2009

I'm A Barbie Girl

- what a weekend! Starting on Thursday with a trip to Olivia Rubin's sample sale followed by round two of the Matches' Xmas party. Then on to the Theatre Saturday night followed by more partying. Shopping on Sunday, X Factor (we will discuss more) and did I mention more partying?! I am exhausted - I need a weekend to recover from the weekend!

I guess this blog will make up for Friday's lack of but be sure to watch this space, as this week I will bring you the best of a hot new designer, some fabulous fashion photos and lots of purchasing gossip.

For now though - I will leave you with this wonderful collaboration ... Every girl's dream toy, a Louboutin Barbie. My eyes were in awe as a friend of a friend showed me what she had purchased - a limited edition Barbie doll, who owns a collection of four red-soled Louboutin shoes (that's four more pairs than I own). Each pair come with their own shoe box and bag and makes the perfect present for any fashion lover.


Is it wrong that I am jealous of a 30cm plastic doll?

Oh - to - be - a - Barbie.

Happy Monday all