Sunday, 3 January 2010

Shopping, Sales + Resolutions!

I know I said I would try and reduce my impulse buying - so I just wanted to clarify what that exactly means...

Impulse buying = purchases I don't give too much thought to

So the following items below do not count, as I gave plenty (all the 5 minutes) of thought to whether or not I really needed them in my life (to which the answer was of course yes!)

The sales began and being the absolute shopper, I knew I had to live up to my name and take advantage. Here is what I managed to get my fashionable hands on...

Emma Cook for Topshop - from £110 to £55

Primark jacket - from £25 to £8

ASOS necklace - from £28 to £19.50

ASOS dress - from £32 to £18

Carvela - from £140 to £49

Missoni scarf - from £100 to £25

Topshop boutique - from £110 to £40

ASOS dress - from £28 to £18

Swarovski pendant - from £54 to £37

*PHEW* I am all shopped out (for this week that is!)

Hope you have all been bagging the bargains.

Same time tomorrow


2010 begins...


I hope everyone enjoyed all the festive celebrations; partied lots, drank a bit, ate a bit more and watched copious amounts of television!

I've no doubt the standard January resolutions have begun and I for one have made (and started) a few myself:

Healthy eating (with the occasional weekly treat)
Exercise, whether that be at the gym or evening walks
Reduce impulse buying
Try and seriously stick to point 3
Keep blog updated and interesting
Pursue with fashion career and business ideas
Make the most of life
Be realistic but totally positive!

Care to share your NYR (new year resolutions) ?

New Year - New Start ... Now where's my credit card?!