Monday, 19 October 2009

Northern Fun and Frolics!

A girls weekend was in order and what better way to spend it than a trip to lovely Leeds to see my besties!

Having chilled most of Saturday, the day turned to night and it was time to get glammed-up, watch our weekly dose of X Factor and sip on some g+ts before hitting the town!

Once Stacey Solomon had finished the last note for the night - we were out the door and headed straight to a fabulous bar called Boutique.

One club, four bars and many drinks later, we decided to hit the hay - after all it was 4 in the AM and our tired dancing feet were in need of some well deserved rest.

Never one to miss a fashion opportunity, I kept my eyes peeled for any fabulously dressed Northern lasses and let me tell you, there were plenty. A mix of high-street, vintage, designer and ancient (I wore my grandma's chiffon blouse that still has the old school St Michael's label on) Everyone looked fabulous!

Here is just a sneak preview of some of the trendy, sparkly, creative and glamorous outfits I saw ...

Only five more days until the weekend ...