Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Phoebe Philo's Phenomenon

In true '8 out of 10 cats' style - let's list the top five Fashion topics that everyone is talking about this week...

1. The Golden Globe Awards
2. Phoebe Philo's new designs for Celine
3. The almost 'so close we can feel, smell and touch it' London Fashion Week
4. The up and coming future Fashion show I am helping to organise
5. The detox diet that was supposed to start on the first of the first and yet still has not quite happened!

In no particular order, I've nominated Phoebe Philo to feature in tonight's blog.

Phoebe Philo is a former fashion designer and is well known for her designs in the fashion house Chloe. Having worked as an assistant for Stella McCartney since 1997, both of whom designed for Chloe at the time, she changed the brands image. In 2001 McCartney was offered the chance to start her own label and shortly after brought Philo to the team.

Phoebe Philo's reputation for making Chloe the 'it' brand and adding an 'edge' to McCartney's line is something of a phenomenon and it is exactly this that led to her affiliation with Celine.

In October 2008 Philo was announced as the Creative Director of Celine and it is from here onwards that the brand has made a huge turning point in the fashion industry.

Whatever 'vision' Philo had - it is one that I admire, lust-after and definitely most absolutely have fallen for.

Structured detailed jackets, leather dresses, electric blue pants and diverse footwear... Whatever you are buying this SS10 - be sure it is something of the Celine collection.

Prices range from £460 for a logo shopper bag to £1,900 for a biker jacket and although I hear you weep, I can assure one thing - once you go Celine, you never go back.

Time to splash out on the necessities and cut back on the unnecessary and me thinks Celine is very much a necessity!


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