Thursday, 14 January 2010

Blogging for Boys

On request - this is a blog for the boys.

As a good friend pointed out - I tend to just blog for the female population. I however disagree. Yes I blog about female clothes, shoes, accessories etc. But this is so the male population know what to buy us... Simples!

Having been in a relationship with a very well dressed bf for over two years now, I am constantly on the look out for the latest on-trend items for guys. Having done some browsing, I have picked out my top five must-haves for this week. Boys (aka Mozza) this ones for you...

Shoes - £30

Top - reduced from £118 to £38

Scarf - reduced from £95 to £47

Bag - reduced from £350 to £210

Belt - reduced from £15 to £9

Guys, get shopping - us ladies like to see you looking chic!

Have a fab weekend all


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