Thursday, 19 November 2009

Cotton On

I heart Fearne Cotton. I heart her style, her attitude, her way of life and her career choices. She seems cool, down to earth, funny and looks like she enjoys a good party - just my kinda gal!

I am forever ooo-ing over her outfit choices; often seen in a combination of brogues, skinny jeans and a rock t.shirt or a mini dress, patterned tights and killer heels, FC gives a whole new meaning to the word cool. With her enviable blonde locks and infamous 'always looks immaculate' black eye-liner Miss Cotton mixes high-street with high-end and ladies, we could all learn a lot from her individual style.

Skinny jeans, retro sweater and a feather in her hair - Fearne does laid back chic perfectly.

This girl is just too cool. On anyone else, this would look so wrong but on Fearne, this looks so right!

What looks like a Topshop outfit teamed with an enviable Mulberry bag - Miss Cotton works high-street/designer so well.

This is one of my fave outfits - a gorgeous Olivia Rubin dress and leopard print shoes.

Those pins go on forever. Looking very Gossip Girl-esque, Fearne looks adorable.

Want to be part of the Fearne fan-club? Raid your cupboard and get experimenting!

Have a fab weekend all


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  1. I love her style too! shes a great inspiration for outfits! thanks for posting me ur link on my ASOS post. check out my fashion blog xxxxxx