Monday, 28 September 2009

Another Day, Another Car-Boot Sale ...

You never have to look too far for a great bargain ...

Sales on the high-street, vintage boutiques, Portobello market, trendy charity shops and car-boot sales, to name but a few.

As my alarm went off at 4.30 in the AM, all I could think about was hitting the dismiss button and falling back to sleep for another 5 hours ... alas ... I dragged myself out of bed, pulled on that reliable A+F hoody that always keeps me warm, grabbed my RayBan's in the hope the sun might make an appearance (woke up my oh-so wonderful bf who had offered his services) and loaded up the car.

It always amazes me the kind of people I meet when doing this sort of event ... There are those that won't pay a penny more than a £1, those that only want designer goodies, those that are uber trendy and come along to seek out some stylish clobber and those that know exactly what they are looking for in terms of arts and crafts.

Being a girl that loves to shop - I have to frequently clear out my wardrobe in order to make some space for the latest purchases. Therefore, car-boot sales are a regular occurrence. The extra money helps my shoe addiction and my wardrobe is grateful for the breathing space!

What's the latest bargain I've purchased? A gorgeous embellished sequin top from Beyond Retro - just £15!

I want to know where you seek out a good bargain ...

Care to share ... What's the best purchase you have made recently that doesn't involve a dent in the credit-card?!

Have a super trendy day ...


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