Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Wish List - That Time Of The Week!

It's Wednesday and I haven't shopped for like a whole week... Grrrr.

Through my slightly flustered behaviour and major with-drawl symptoms, I have managed to put together
my top five must-have high-street items for the week that both you, me and everyone else needs to go out and purchase!

This long-sleeved button front blouse screams designer and is sure to add a sophisticated edge to any outfit you choose to wear.

Urban Outfitters - £45

If you haven't quite got the whole 'playsuit' thing then this lady print number will be sure to get you on board.

Oasis - £70

Demure dressing is the way forward and this dress is just that. Black tights and ankle boots for the winter and wedge shoes for the summer - perfection.

ASOS - £55

If you can't decide what to wear, then this black lace jacket will go with everything and anything and look effortlessly chic.

Miss Selfridge - £40

Erm hello pretties - stand tall and look fabulous in these suede beauties.

Topshop - £100

OK, so feeling a tiny bit better now I've written my 'things to buy list' - until the next one that is!


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