Tuesday, 23 February 2010

To Clog Or Not To Clog

I spy with my fashionable eye something beginning with... C.

Yes that's right - one of this season hottest shoe is no other than that of a Clog.

Seeing a picture of these in Vogue this month took me straight back to my early teen years when these wooden wonders where majorly in fashion. I honestly thought I'd seen the last of them.. but no, like most trends in fashion, these too have taken a huge u-turn and crept up upon us - except this time round, they are much higher and far more trendier!

Whether you are a designer diva and purchase your pair from Chanel or the high-street is more your thing and you grab yours from Zara, Clogs are most definitely the way forward!


1 comment:

  1. oh to clog - defo grown on me i think! i was horrified to hear there coming back but some of them look fab! xxxxx