Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Need - Must - Want

I may have bought two or three (OK, make that four) pairs of shoes over the last few weeks but in my defence they were all in the sale. Even so, they are last seasons styles and that's why I'm in the mood for something new and fabulous that will get me excited for Spring/Summer 2010.

Luckily I stumbled across these incredible designs by Givenchy. OK, so the price tag ranges from £888 to £1,122 - but as always I try and do some rationalising (amazing how good my maths gets when it comes to shopping!)

The spring officially starts mid March and the summer officially ends mid October - therefore...

Divide £1,122 by 7 (months of possible wear of the shoes) we get £160 (already looking better).

Now divide that by 4 (weeks in a month) which gives us £40.

Now minus a few skinny-lattes from Starbucks every week (we won't be needing them as much when the Winter slowly disappears) I reckon we should be left with around £30 a week.

£30 a week for a fabulous pair of shoes that we just have-to-have!

Enough said.


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