Thursday, 1 October 2009

Designer Diva or High-Street Hottie?

Hands up those of you who have ever been guilty of buying something simply because of the label attached?

Thought so! FYI - I am certainly guilty of it too *blush*

Although I definitely fall under the category of being your high-street kinda gal, at the same time, if I'm going to spend money (and I mean real money) then I want to know what I am buying has a justifiable label attached.

However, a concept I fail to understand though is why people choose a designer label when the high-street version is better? Obviously this comes down to a matter of taste but I for one can't quite fathom someone paying ridiculous money when you can buy a much better version for less.

Take these L'Autre Chose leopard print ankle boots ... They are cool, not necessarily my taste, but at £340 I wouldn't be handing over the cc in a hurry. Whereas these ASOS leopard print booties (or should I say beauties) are a lot more trendy and an absolute steel at £45.

The same goes for this L'Wren Scott dress. It's chic, it's classic and it's also £1,775 ... Jeager are selling something similar for less than a quarter of the price at £350 (although now it has been reduced to £99 - score!)

Designer clothes, shoes and accessories are in a class of their own. They last longer, they fit better and when worn make you feel like a million dollars, so I can completely understand why people would choose to spend more. But what I want to know is... Do they spend that money JUST because it's designer or because they actually like the item?!

Something to ponder over during the weekend ...

Have a good one


P.s. Here are some fashion highlights from Thursday night ... See if you can spot who the Designer Divas are or the High-Street Hotties!

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