Monday, 7 December 2009

What Women Want

What do women want?

Someone to love who loves them back, just as much if not perhaps a little more. A home that they can call their palace where they can entertain and bring up a family. A couple of children, preferably a girl and a boy. Perhaps a dog or a cat, maybe even a fish or all three! A thriving career and genuine happiness. This is what women want - right? Well - ultimately yes - but at 25 years old, all I want is something pink and delicious (for today that is!)

£297 - Jimmy Choo -

£330 - Mulberry

£16 - Debenhams

£103 - Sara Berman -

£20 - H+M

So, now I have the bag, all I need is the husband, a few kids, a dog and a home! :)


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