Monday, 2 November 2009

Fashion Rivals

Calling all those that possess a little bit of Fashion Rivalry!

Do you wish your mum dressed more like a 'mum' and less like yourself? Perhaps your sister is always copying your style and even though it was flattering at first, now it's just annoying. Maybe you are the one who wishes your daughter would step out of that reliable tracksuit and begin to dress a little more glamorous ... If any of these sound familiar then keep reading.

BBC3 are looking for Mums, Daughters, Sisters and possibly work colleagues or friends that would relish the opportunity to makeover their rival. Both contestants will be stood in front of a Fashion Jury, who will ultimately decide which person will benefit from their new look the most. That person will then be whisked away and be given the ultimate make-over, which will be later revealed to their rival.

Sound interesting?
Get in touch to find out more ...


BBC THREE are searching for the Mums of today who are younger, hipper, more attractive and independent than ever before!

Do you and your daughter share clothes?

Do people often mistake you for sisters?

Are people amazed at your real age?

If this sounds like you or your mum and you would like the opportunity for a fun and fabulous makeover, then please get in touch.



Call: 03335 777 773

Until tomorrow


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