Tuesday, 20 October 2009


'What a heavy burden is a name that has become too famous' (Voltaire)

As I settled in to bed last night with season two/part two of Gossip Girl - I couldn't contain my excitement. The clothes, the characters, the houses, the life-style not to mention the gossip ... All so glitzy and glamorous - who wouldn't want that?

The typical life of the rich and famous - we all love reading about them in the magazines, watching them on the TV programmes and hearing about them on the radio. We surround ourselves by the good, the bad and the ugly and yet they all have one thing in common - Fame.

As I watched my latest crush since SATC (that being Gossip Girl) it got me thinking ... FAME - at what cost would a person want this?

Ultimately, all we really want is a quiet life (not a boring life - just a drama-free one). Don't get me wrong ... I am extremely career driven, I have goals and aspirations - I have dreams and hopes - I want to be the best at what I do and I want to be known purely for what I do best but would I sacrifice the life I have now for that of a famous person? I'm not so sure I would.

When one signs themselves up for fame are they allowing the media the entrance to both their positive and negative aspects? Is this inevitable? When certain celebrities are scrutinized by paparazzi are we supposed to feel sorry for them or simply succumb to the fact that this is the price of stardom?

Would you want to be famous? If so, at what cost?

'You are nobody until you're talked about' (Gossip Girl)

Something to think about on this c-c-cold winters day.


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  1. ifi could swap my quiet life for there wardrobe i would i would i would!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxx